Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Changes & Beginnings

I had a food blog one time. One that I didn't keep up. One that I took pictures for with my cruddy (though red) camera. I am an avid and rabid reader of many food blogs. I rely on them for inspiration on both busy and lazy days. Usually though, I absorb information from them, like the basic method of  preparing a dish, or to file away new spice and ingredient combinations into the brain vault I have for those things. The brain vault is filling up.

Lately, I've felt that my cooking has come into its own. And, I've felt creatively inspired, in part thanks to a change in scenery (read my About Me page for more info on that) and in part to the ingredients I have (and don't have) available to me now. Kama Foodtra is the answer. My hope is that it will be a space for me to record successes and failures, and an inspiration and motivator for me to up my game. Check back soon for more information and cooking!


  1. I love the name of your blog. I can't wait to read (and try?) your recipes!

  2. Cruddy red camera, eh? It was RED for pete's sakes, that's GOT to count for something!
    Glad you put it to good use.