The most important things I guess, as always, are: who, what, when, where and why. Since this is a food blog, the primary purpose of it is to explain the hows to you. But let's answer the other things here.

Linnea is a mid-20's Oregon native and temporary expat who loves cooking, crafting, traveling, art and writing. She's been living in China over a year, and plans to for a while more. She loves a good cooking challenge or any challenge really. This means that despite only having a biggish toaster oven, she makes bread and roasts chickens. She regularly makes her own bacon and sausage and anything else that you can't get in China easily.

Currently, a high school art teacher, she's held the illustrious titles of pantry chef, secretary, 1st grade English as a Second Language teacher, Vortex tour guide (don't ask), hotel receptionist, and wine tasting caterer. Both her parents had jobs in fine foods when she was growing up, and from a young age she's been made fun of for what she's eating. She learned to cook from her father. (Thanks, Dad!)

Because her father is a 1st generation US citizen, and because his parents were immigrants from Mexico, Kama Foodtra will feature many Mexican dishes. Besides Mexican food, Linnea also loves spinach, sausage, cheeses, pasta, dark chocolate, spicy foods, garlic and brown sugar.

Kama Foodtra is a blog about cooking and loving food. Any food. There are so many ways to make it and so many things to love, so many combinations to try, it's an endless source of entertainment and creative license. Many cuisines from around the world will be featured, including Mexican, Indian, classic American, French, Italian, Russian, and regional Chinese dishes. Technique and how-twos will occasionally be posted and DIY projects like bacon and jam will make appearances. Check back frequently to see what Linnea is cooking next!

When & Where?
Kama Foodtra was conceived in 2010 after I realized that incredibly smart and talented college students were idiots in the kitchen. Nothing really happened though until 2012, when a camera upgrade and a change of scenery inspired action. The where is complicated. For the foreseeable future, China is Kama Foodtra's home except for one month each year when I visit Oregon, my home. That said, I've already lived in Beijing and now I live in Chengdu, Sichuan, who knows where I'll end up next! 

Lastly, why. Because I think that food is interesting.  I don't think you should live to eat, but as an anthropology major in college, I did numerous research projects about the meaning and importance of food in many cultures. I've interviewed people about what it means to them, and found that everyone can agree that food makes a difference. Good food, food that reminds them of home, food that makes them feel better. Different foods make me think of my family, my heritage, my childhood. What else regularly brings family and friends together to connect? Why are restaurants and meals such classic first and anniversary date locations? What else is so mandated and celebrate by different cultures and religions? Food is a great equalizer, everyone needs it, everyone likes it. So, here's to making food more accessible and more interesting. Enjoy the possibilities!